• Important Dates

    Enquiry for AY 2020-21

    Online enquiries open from 15th August 2019 onwards for A.Y 2020-21 for all grades.

    Admission Forms

    Admission forms will be available from 30th September 2019 onwards for AY 2020-21 at the school counter between 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.

    Admission forms for mid-term are available for AY 2018-19 at the school counter between 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.

    Admission Process

    1 Fill the enquiry form online.
    2 Interaction with admission officer & purchase of admission form.
    3 Submission of admission form, checklist documents, ID card form.
    4 Written assessment test (Grade 1 onwards).
    5 Final interaction of parent with the Principal.
    6 Confirmation of admission after Principal's consent and payment of Fees.

    Age Group

    The final decision regarding the age group of students who will join would depend on their previous school records.

    At school, we believe that students thrive in their correct class age groups.

    As a general rule, age requirement for each grade is -

    Grade Age Group Grade Age Group
    Playgroup 2-3 years Grade 4 9-10 years
    Nursery 3-4 years Grade 5 10-11 years
    K1 4-5 years Grade 6 11-12 years
    K2 5-6 years Grade 7 12-13 years
    Grade 1 6-7 years Grade 8 13-14 years
    Grade 2 7-8 years Grade 9 14-15 years
    Grade 3 8-9 years Grade 10 15-16 years

    Eligible age criteria for Nursery - Born between 1st Oct 2015 to 30th Sept 2016

    Steps Wise Admission Process

    • Fill th enquiry form online

    • Interaction with Admission Officer & purchase of admission form

    • Submission of Admission Form, Checklist Documents, ID Card Form.

    • Written Assesment Test (Grade 1 onwards).

    • Final Interaction of Parent with the Principal.

    • Confirmation of Admission after Principal's consent.

    • Payment of Fees.

    • Fees once paid is non-refundable (except caution money).

    Checklist of Required Documents-

    • Previous year's progress report.

    • Attested copy of birth certificate (Playgroup to Grade 1).

    • Original transfer /migration /school leaving certificate from the previous school from Grade 2 onwards.

    • Passport / Aadhar Card photocopy each of the student & parents.

    • POI/ OCI in case the child is a Non-Indian citizen.

    • Medical History form (duly filled & signed).

    • Parental consent and indemnity agreement (duly filled & signed).

    • Caste certificate to be provided (wherever applicable).

    • Any pertinent information regarding participation in extra-curricular activities