• FAQ's

    What is the age criterion for enrolling my ward in your school?

    The child should have completed 3 years of age while in Nursery.

    What are the languages offered in RBKIS?

    Languages offered:

    a. Grade 1, 2 & 3 English, Hindi, Marathi
    b. Grade 4, 5 & 6 English, Hindi/French, Marathi.
    c. Grade 7 – 10 English, Hindi/French

    What is the student-teacher ratio?

    The ratio of student teacher is 30:1

    What are the co-curricular activities provided?

    Skating from Grade 1 to 8

    Football, Basketball, Cricket clubbed with regular PE classes.

    Clubs and activities: Science, humanities, language and Mathematics

    Is food provided by the school?

    Only for the Preprimary food will be provided. The others will carry their food from home or will avail of the in house canteen facility.

    Will my child go through a stressful exam curriculum?

    Most definitely not. The curriculum is spaced out to suit the chronological age and ability of the child. The examinations too have an assortment of papers assessing different skills of the child. It’s not a ‘one size fit all’ pattern of assessment.

    How do I get more involved with my child’s education at school?

    Regular parent teacher interactions will be held so that you can not only get an update on your child’s learning but also be a part of it. Your cooperation as a parent would be invaluable to us.

    What documents are required for the admission in RBKIS?

    The documents required for admission: Birth certificate, previous performance evidence and Residence proof. Domestic and International Transfer cases would require additional documents.

    How will international curriculum be helpful to my child?

    Kindly go through our different programs.