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  • A school isn't only an abode for knowledge, but also a stage for social interaction and developing public speaking skills. The literary event of RBKIS depicted just that. I was awed by how almost each and every student participated in the event. The time and efforts put in by the children and the teachers were clearly visible through the acts.

    I really loved the event to my core. I am extremely honoured to have been part of such a momentous occasion. I think I will remember and cherish this day forever.

    - Mr. Vinayak Mittal (Chief guest for Literary day)

    It was a pleasure to send Amish at RBK International school. The school is well equipped with lots of resources. The best part we like is the quality education where children are able to gain knowledge by experience. Along with the teaching staff the office people are very supportive . Amish is always ready to come to school with a smile on his face. Thank you so much for all your support.

    - Shirin (Parent of Amish Bhayani)

    Understanding, Assuming, Interrogating, Persuading and implying is what nurtures the brain. It imprints knowledge in early childhood. And that's the key to LEARNING.

    IGCSE is all about it! The 4 years spent, made every day count. Each day was new with one of the best team of teachers. Remarkable experience! Ask one doubt a thousand times and each time you get a beautiful and a distinct way of explanation which makes one understand and imbibe any topic evidently. This is IGCSE!

    IGCSE would be new to some of you parents, but once it happens, I bet that all of your faces would glow in proud for your children.

    IGCSE ROCKS forever!

    - Dhwani Modi (IGCSE 2014-2015 Batch)

    A school is always regarded as a priceless memory for every individual. For me RBK School (IGCSE) has been my learning environment for 14 years. A place which taught me that learning is a joy and prepared me with a holistic approach. RBK soil is where my roots of knowledge and abilities lie. It's a place where I made my true mistakes and was directed in a right path, a community which taught me friendship, a treasure which harnessed my life skills. I take this opportunity to thank all my beloved teachers, my memorable group of friends and every individual who was a part of my delightful journey at RBK. It will remain with me forever no matter where I reach.

    - Farhan (IGCSE A-levels 2014-2015 Batch)
  • What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul!

    Looking back I know that the main reason I have such a strong affinity or bond with RBK as studying at RBK international school right from childhood (nursery to grade 10) is the way RBK has shaped me and changed me as a person for the better. I often tell my colleagues and peers about how wonderful the journey at RBK has been for me and how proud I am to be a RBKian. The teachers in RBK are the sculptors who transform you into the best you.

    The principals, teachers, department heads and the non-teaching staff are the most kind and loving souls you can happen to find.

    I am currently doing my A levels and look forward to going abroad next year to complete my bachelors in business administration.(BBA)

    A big Thank you to all of my teachers for bringing out the best in me! Lots of love!

    - Anushka Raj (IGCSE 2014-2015 Batch)

    People say that childhood is the best age of one's life.....childhood for me is my RBK School. This enormous place has not only given me education, also I've spent the most amazing days of my life with this institution. This place surely proves that school is your second home. The relation of a teacher and student is not less than parents and children. There is no doubt that RBK gives students a big suitcase of knowledge: students decide their career at an early age. It's one year I left this school but each day I remember; the classes , recess , our favorite PE period exams ,the results, classmates , books , annual day , sports day , 0 period , curricular activities, medals and certificates and my responsibility as a student council member. But this all was not possible without the talented, sometimes strict but loving and caring teachers. Especially the team IGCSE... I thank everyone in my 13 years journey in RBK School.

    - Tanzim Vadsaria (IGCSE)
  • My school life at RBK was no less than an amazing roller coaster ride, with a few ups and downs. A word of thanks to my dear teachers who have been extremely supportive every time, helping us at every moment. From working with the latest technologies to playing various sports, everything has been a wonderful experience. No words can really completely capture the joyous feelings in my heart when I think of my journey at RBK. I still remember the day when i was appointed as the Green House Captain. Oh my God! I couldn't believe i had become one, had never imagined it. Well, it was destined to happen :) My parents were so delighted to see me achieve something which was unexpected, and i was contented to see them in this manner. Currently I am completing my A Level course and hope to achieve my goals very soon. Once again thank you to all the teachers for tolerating our mischiefs as well as guiding us to the right path. I whole heartedly appreciate everything the school and my teachers have done for me.

    - Bhavita Bhooma (IGCSE)